Tamar Braxton Praises T. D. Jakes for Giving Her Family Helpful Wisdom

Bishop T.D. Jakes’ intervention on last week’s episode of WE tv’s Braxton Family Values turned into a tough love session. The mega pastor went off on Toni, Trina, Traci, Towanda, and Tamar, calling them “flat-out spoiled.”

Yet, the youngest, Tamar, is praising the Dallas leader for imparting helpful wisdom.

“Bishop T.D. Jakes came on and he gave us our life,” said the 38-year-old in a new interview with Power 105.1 DJ, Angie Martinez.

During the group session, Jakes told the Braxtons, “This toxicity is nauseating. If you were my daughters, I would go ballistic. They’d have to cut the cameras off.”

As the siblings sat looking stunned, along with their parents, Rev. Michael Braxton Sr. and Evelyn Braxton, Jakes continued chiding them for their on-camera verbal wars.

“This is a disgrace to all the millions of people of color who idolize you, who wish that their family could get out of the ghetto long enough to get a shot like you got,” he said.

Looking angry and disgusted, Jakes added, “And to see you climb all the way up here and talk to each other like this, it hurts us in places beyond your family. You’re spoiled! You’re flat-out spoiled.”

Instead of being offended and defensive, the family agreed with the 58-year-old leader’s no-holds-barred assessment of their present condition.

Jakes and the Braxtons (Credit: Instagram)

“What was the best thing he told you?” Angie asked Tamar during her on-air interview to promote her forthcoming album, Calling All Lovers, which drops September 11.

Alluding to a one-on-one conversation she had with Jakes, she said, “He told me that, ‘Stop looking for people to clap for you. Clap for yourself,’ meaning, be proud of yourself and be proud of your accomplishments.”

The three-time GRAMMY® Award-nominated singer whose roots are in Christianity, said, “I don’t know why I would feel like every time I come in the room everybody’s supposed to be cheering, ‘Go Tamar!’ No, these are my own dreams and goals, and aspirations, so I should clap for me, because I set those goals for myself.”

Then Tamar added, “Everything else is a bonus.”

The Braxton family will be attending Jakes’ MegaFest 2015 August 20-22 in Dallas.

Missed Jakes’ appearance? Watch it below.